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Brand Manager

Or Brand Marketing Manager, Image Consultant, Marketing Manager


The Brand Manager reports to either the company’s Marketing Director or a Group Manager. They establish and implement the brand’s development strategy and manage the budget.


  • Manage and develop the brand’s image
  • Implement a global strategy
  • Use the marketing tools needed to develop and grow the brand


  • Analyse trends in the fashion and ready-to-wear markets and anticipate changes to marketing approaches in the sector.
  • Define marketing strategies adapted to distribution and marketing patterns for products and accessories from fashion and ready-to-wear brands
  • Design and implement communication strategies adapted to market, distribution patterns and sales channels
  • Bring innovative ideas and original developments to a product or service
  • Oversee marketing operations, agencies and service providers, training and team management


Available, versatile and organized, very creative and imaginative, good communicator.


Between €38K and €60K

Design : Luo Yue - Photo : Tiejian Li / ESMOD Paris 2019


Maéva Bouyer / Photo: Ludovic Pieterson

Initial program

“Head of Marketing & Communications Strategy in Fashion Industry” Undergraduate Degree

State accredited diploma with Level 6 registration under the National Register of Professional Certifications (RNCP) – Certification in process of renewal. Also accessible via VAE (Validation of Acquired Work Experience)

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